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International Mental Arithmetic Olympiad



Annex No. 1

to the Regulations

of the open International Olympiad

in mental arithmetic «VF CUP 2021»



International online mental arithmetic championship

«VF CUP 2021»


  1. Date of the VF CUP.

    Start of registration: September 16, 2021 at 10:00 (UTC)

    Start of Olympiad: November 20, 2021 at 10:00 (UTC)

    End of Olympiad: November 21, 2021 at 10:00 (UTC)

    Form of the Olympiad VF CUP: online.


  2. Who can become a Participant of the Olympiad VF CUP.

    The participant of the Olympiad VF CUP can be any person from 5 years and older who has mastered skills of mental arithmetic.


  3. Advantages of participation in the online Olympiad VF CUP.

    • Take part in the international Olympiad without leaving home!

    • Participate at any time convenient for you within 24 hours-during the Olympiad!

    • Participate in any or more levels of mental arithmetic, regardless of country or school!

    • Train on the VF CUP platform to prepare for the Olympiad online!

    • Participate in the Olympiad with any gadget: personal computer, tablet and even smartphone! The main requirement is a high-speed Internet.

    • Check your results and real-time rating online!

    • Get your personal Diploma with all your achievements in the Olympiad VF CUP in your personal room!


  4. Number of participants.

    The number of participants is not limited.


  5. Personal account and VF CUP platform. 

    1.  On the site https://the-olympic.com you must click «REGISTER».

      In the «Registration» window that opens, fill in the empty lines. Enter the Participant's e-mail and password. 

      Next, click on the «send» button.

    2.  After successful registration you will have access to Your personal account. To participate in the VF CUP you need to specify the following necessary data: country, phone number. You also need to confirm the phone number. Without this data, it will not be possible to proceed to payment. You can specify these data on the page “My profile”. Required fields to fill in: your name, age, city, school, as well as the school of mental arithmetic in which you are/were trained (This information is necessary for the formation of an individual certificate of participation and the opportunity to participate in the nomination "Ambassador of the mental arithmetic school"). Please note that the item “School” – is not the number of a secondary school, but the school in which you study mental arithmetic. If you study independently, we do not specify the school. If your school is not on the list - you can apply to add a school. To do this, click on the “Apply to add” link under the “School” field and fill out the form in the pop-up window.  

      You can also change your password on the “My profile” page.

      Next you need to confirm the phone. To do this, click on the “confirm phone link under the “Phone” field and in the pop-up window, click “Request a code”. 

      After that, you will receive an SMS with a code to the phone number that you specified in the participant's Profile. Enter the code in the following window:

      Click “Confirm” and if the code is correct - the phone will be confirmed.


    3. In order to get access to the championship and training on the VF CUP platform, you need to pay a registration fee:

      - until September 30, 2021 - 5,73 euro for participation in the same level;

      - until October 31, 2021 - 6,90 euro for participation in one level;

      - until November 14, 2021 - 8,07 euro for participation in the same level;

      - until November 20, 2021 - 9,24 euro for participation in one level.

      To do this, you need to click on the «PAYMENT» button. 

      The registration fee is equal to the cost of one ticket. Accordingly, after payment in your personal account will display one ticket, which you can then attach to any level at your request.  

      In the pop-up window, select the number of tickets to purchase.  

      Maximum one participant can have 4 tickets. To complete the payment, click on the "Proceed to payment" button. You will be redirected to the Bank page. After successful payment the purchased tickets will be on the main page of your personal account

    4.  Immediately after paying for at least one ticket, you will be able to train on the VF CUP platform. Go to it you can, on the button «TRAINING».

      By purchasing a ticket/tickets, you will be able to practice at each level before the start of the Olympiad. If you buy several tickets, you can not participate in the same level twice.

      After clicking on the «SELECT» button under any of the levels, you will see the training settings page for the selected level.

      Here you can set your own game settings: complexity (bit depth), speed and number of numbers in the example.

    5. After practicing on the platform, you can choose more levels in which you will participate. The maximum number of levels - is four.If you buy several tickets, you can not participate in the same level twice.

      In order to do this, you need to make an additional payment by clicking on the «PAY». You can either buy one ticket or pay for several tickets at once.

      If you have decided in which levels you will take part in the Olympiad, attach the ticket (s) to the levels by clicking on the «SELECT», " button, after which the button will change to «SELECTED».

      In case of an error in the attachment of the ticket, before the Olympiad you can reset it and attach the ticket to the correct level.

      As soon as a Participant attaches a ticket to a level in the Personal account, instead of a ticket for any one level, tickets appear on which the level of participation is specified.

    6.  After the beginning of the Olympiad in your personal account you will see a countdown timer «until the end of THE online OLYMPIAD LEFT...». To participate in the Olympiad, you do not need to enter the platform through the «TRAINING» button. 

      Olympiad tasks will be available on the main page of the Personal Cabinet in the table. For example, I want to start participating in the Olympiad with a difficulty of 10 (double digits) and a speed of 0.9 sec. I click on the box at the intersection of these values and immediately get into the game, bypassing the settings page, as these settings are already laid. Note the tabs on the right. In the screenshot you can see that tab "PRO" is active. This means that the Olympiad page is open for the "PRO" level.

      To participate in the Olympiad you will have access to the pages of the level to which you purchased a ticket. If you have purchased tickets for several levels, do not forget to switch pages to take part in all the levels available to you.


    7. The Passage Of The Championship. Accrual of points.

      1. The task of the participant of the online championship is to score the maximum number of points. Points are automatically awarded by the platform for the correct answer, which must be confirmed by counting another example with the same settings.

      2. Any speed settings are available to the student at once (5, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.8, 1.6, 1.4, 1.2, 1, 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1) and complexity (1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000)

      3. The number of actions (examples) in each game doesn't depend on the complexity and amounts 10 actions in the example.

      4. To get the maximum number of points-you need to give twice the correct answer at a speed of 0.1 s. in each of the difficulties.

      5. There is no need to alternately perform tasks (5s-4.5 s-4S-etc.), you can "jump" to a more complex speed, while all the "easy" speed will be counted automatically.

      6. After passing (confirmation) a certain speed (example 1C) - then you can choose only a more complex speed (example: 0.9 s and below) within the same complexity.

      7. For each example, a certain number of points is awarded. The points table is given below.

      8. If disciple gives 2 correct answer on game with different speed, but same complexity – the will be counted example with more easy speed (for example: 1C and 0.5 with – will be counted 1C, example with speed 1 sec was counted, camping on K. disciple confirmed his example with more complex speed 0.5 sec, and 0.5 need confirm).

      9. At the wrong answer successful attempts within the chosen complexity burn. To enter the answer in the discharge is given:

        • single digits – 5 sec;

        • a two-digit number – 6 sec;

        • three-digit numbers-8 sec;

        • our-digit numbers-10 sec;

        • five-digit numbers-12 seconds.

        If during this time the answer has not been entered-the game is considered incorrect and the answer does not count.

      10. If the game is started, and the answer has not been entered-the game is considered incorrect and the answer does not count.

      11. If after the start of the game was closed or reloaded page (including for reasons of technical problems) - the game is considered incorrect and the answer is not counted. To resume participation in the Championship, you must re-enter your account.

      12. After three consecutive incorrect answers (including reloading pages or not giving an answer) - participation in the championship for the student ends automatically.

  6. The Passage Of The Championship. Accrual of points.

    The table on points:


    In the table, the vertical scale is the speed, the horizontal scale is the bit depth. The green columns give points for speed, the yellow columns show the total speed for the previous examples. For example, the child immediately counted and confirmed the example at a rate of 0.6, unambiguous. He immediately gets 10.37 points.


  7. Summarizing the results of the online championship. Diplomas and certificates.

    1. If the winners of the same level scored the same number of points, the Participant's points that he scored during training on the VF CUP platform are taken into account, i.e. the points that the participant scored by logging on to the platform through the «TRAINING» button in the Personal account during the Olympiad - from 10:00 on November 20 (UTC) to 10:00 on November 21 (UTC).

      Points for training in the specified period is an additional ranking indicator, which will be considered decisive if the winners of the VF CUP 2021 have an equal number of points.

    2. There are certain criteria in the information about the rating that is displayed in the personal account of the participant:

      • place in world rating

      • place in country rating

      • place in school rating

    3. All participants of the Olympics will receive personal certificates of participation in electronic form, indicating the criteria listed in clause 7.2. The winners of the Olympics will receive personalized diplomas in electronic form.

    4. Cash prizes are awarded ONLY in the "by world" and "by school" categories.